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In trellising of vineyards and orchards, the wire performs the essential function of supporting the structure and to support the increasing weight of a growing harvest and control vegetation of the year.
There thus seems appropriate to consider the various types of wire on the market, giving the characteristics in the hope of provide greater clarity to the choices of the users.

MAZZOLENI offers several solutions:

FILAR 400   extrasoft malleable normal galvanisation
FILAR classic  malleable triple galvanisation
FILAR AL900  technical wire, high-tensile with ZINC + ALUMINUM5% coating class A
FILAR AL900eco  technical wire, high-tensile with ZINC + ALUMINUM5% coating class B
FILAR HR  high-tensile and low elongation triple galvanisationSUPER
FILAR AL1200ecoTHE UNBREAKABLE, malleability, high tensile and low elongation at the same time Zn+ALU5% classe B
FILAR AL1500  technical wire, extra high strength steel coated ZINC + ALUMINUM5% classe A and low elongation
FILAR INOX  stainless steel
FILARonde  undulated wire


Under-tensioning and over-tensioning wire can shorten the life of a trellis significantly. Often wire is over-tensioned, reducing the elastic properties of the wire, resulting in shortening the wire's life and ultimately, early wire breakage.
Using the Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool will help maximise the life of the wire. It's simple - set the gauge to the required tension; as normal, squeeze the handles together to tension and when the desired tension is reached, this is signalled to the operator by a 'click'.

FILAR® 400 is a viable option and economic installations high turnover (10/12 years) in environmental situations not aggressive when the layer of zinc provides a sufficient length.  It offers an excellent malleability that facilitates the installation.

Triple galvanisation wire,
FILAR®CLASSIC offers compared to the previous lasts three times higher, potentially equal to a normal life implantation. It offers good malleability and ease of use.

The corrosion protection through the coating ZINC + ALUMINUM5%
GALVALID® is the most effective and at the same time economic function of the length practically safe for the complete defense system. High-tensile FILAR®AL900 are the ultimate answer to every moderntrallis.  

FILAR®AL900eco  has a coating Zn + Al classe B and ensuring a longer period to triple galvanisation but it is more convenient.

The high-wire resistance
FILAR® HR  is superior to galvanisation ensuring triple the length of wire for the life of and has mechanical properties similar to stainless steel, namely low elongation which avoids re-tensioning and high resistance unit that allows the use of wires thinner but designed to offer the fair compromise dimensional. The annual cost of depreciation is very beneficial. It is packaged in practical reeled metal ease of use.FILAR® HR has proven particularly also in cases of mechanized harvesting.

A separate wire to the high-carbon steel, extra resistance, coating ZINC + ALUMINUM5% GALVALID® FILAR®AL1500 allows to use thinner diameters. Also applies in hail protection plants with high stress.

FILAR®INOX   tainless steel has mechanical properties and life interesting. It has good resistance to traction unit, then you can use smaller diameter wire: this allows good yields in weight and development in meters, but in some cases a thin diameter can cut the branches or branches of crops. The elongation is reduced, so the wire does not need  re-tensioning. The duration is practically unlimited, but not can re-use the wires already in use, the cost and then depreciation is very high.

Equally important is union and anchoring & bracing through GRIPPLE  terminal and a system already installed for unparalleled over hundreds million units in vineyards and orchards in all parts of world.