It was in the second half of the 19th century when Giuseppe Mazzoleni moved from the Imagna Valley to Bergamo where he decided to open a hardware store. Shortly after, in 1880, he decided to open a branch in the central street Via XX Settembre in Bergamo.


Years after, the sons Angelo, Giuseppe and Pietro took over the business. The latter managed the hardware store for ten years, while Angelo and Giuseppe were responsible of the branch in via XX Settembre – via Zambonate. On March 16, 1907 the company “Fratelli Mazzoleni” merged into the “Società Anonima Magazzini Ferramenta e Articoli Casalinghi Fratelli Mazzoleni “. At the end of 1907, Angelo and Giuseppe decided to buy the drawing machines from the “Cima Giuseppe” factory from Lecco.


In August 1908, the family decided to build the plant in the then municipality of Valtesse, near Bergamo. This important step allowed the company to unify the commercial soul with an industrial input, which was mantained and improved. From 1914 to 1944 at the Valtesse plant, the production was converted to supply the State’s needs. In this period of time the production is dedicated to the supply of barbed wire for the Military Forces.


At the end of War World II, Trafilerie Bergamasche was founded under the guidance of Cav. Lav. Emilio Mazzoleni. From that moment on, the company experienced a strong growth, passing from the merge of „Trafilerie Bergamasche Srl“ into the „Fratelli Mazzoleni società anonima“ in 1954. The offices in Milan were opened, together with the two branches in Darfo Boario, in Treviglio and the central warehouse in Seriate in 1971. In 1986 the historical hardware store in the city center closed and after eight years the Galleria Mazzoleni was inaugurated after a complete restauration of all the spaces of the old emporium with a brand new modern intervention.


In 2009, the joint venture with Gripple was launched, a company specialized in the production of wire joining and tensioning systems for several applications: industrial sector, civil construction, building service, agriculture.


Today, “Mazzoleni”, now in its fifth generation, has mantained the historical factory in Bergamo, where it employs more than one hundred people, and manufactures about 50.000 tons of steel per year, exported all over the world. The experience gained through the years makes it not only a historical company, but also a significant reference for the entire steel industry.