1.1 – In this section are contained information connected to management procedures of the user’s data collected in this site by Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche.
1.2 – Hereby policy has also application as per Art. 13 EU Regulation nr. 2016/679 related to personal data protection and the data’s free movement for the subjects interacting with Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche.
1.3 – This policy is released exclusively for Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamsche and not for the other web sites consulted by the user through hyperlinks included in the site.
1.4 – Aim of this policy is to provide indications about modalities, times and nature of the information that data’s owner shall supply to the users at the moment of connection to Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche’s web pages, regardless of the connection purpose, as per Italian and European Regulation.
1.5 – This policy can be subject to modifications when new regulations are introduced, so the user is invited to periodically check this page.
1.6 – If the user is less than 14 years old, as per UE Regulation 2016/679 art. 8, c. 1 and D.Lgs 196/2003 art. 2 – Quinques, as modified by D.Lgs 181/18, shall legitimate their consent through parents’ authorization or legal tutor.




2.1 – Intended data controller is the natural or legal person, public authority, the service or other entity that, individually or in conjunction to others, determines finality and data control instruments. They also follow security profiles.
2.2 – Intended data controller for this website is Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche and for all enquiries and user’s exercise of rights the address to be contacted is




3.1 – Data control generated by the usage of Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche is operated in Via Ponte Pietra, 2 – Bergamo, 24123, Italy.
3.2 – In case of need, newsletter connected data may be treated by the Data Controller, or charged subjects, for the intended aim in the above mentioned location.



4.1 – Data control operated by Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche is based on consent – as disposed by EU Regulation 2016/679 art. 6, par. 1, lett a) – expressed by the user through visiting this website and its consultation, subsequently accepting present policy.
4.2 – Consent is optional and can be revoked in any moment by sending e-mail request via at
It is stated that, in case of consent revocation, some service and the navigation on this website could be affected.



5.1 – In this section is described how this website, and third parts, applies cookies and other similar technologies. Cookies application is operated respecting both EU Regulation (Dir. 2009/136/CE, modifying 2002/58/CE “E Privacy”) and Italian Regulation (Provv. Garante per la protezione della Privacy 08/05/2014 and subsequent clarifications, as well as “Linee Guida cookies e altri strumenti di tracciamento” dated 10/06/2021 n. 231).
5.2 – For any complete information about cookies, visit our cookie policy on



6.1 – Data control is needed to pursuit Data Controller’s justified interest in supplying information about Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche activity as per and in the respect of EU Regulation 2016/679 art. 6, par. 1, lett. f).
6.2 – This website uses Log Files in which are saved information, automatically collected during users’ visits. Information collected may be as follow:

  • IP (Internet Protocol) address;
  • Type of browser and its parameters used to connect with the website;
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider);
  • Date and hour of the visit;
  • User’s provenance webpage (referral) and exit;
  • Number of clicks, eventually.

6.3 – Above mentioned data are automatically processed and are collected exclusively in aggregate form in order to verify website function and for security purposes. Same information will be processed to pursuit Data Controller’s justified interests.
6.4 – For security reasons (anti-spam filter, firewall, virus detection) automatically recorded data may eventually include personal data just like the IP address, that may be used in accordance with applicable laws, in order to block damaging attempts turned to the same website and/or other users, or however damaging or criminal activities. Same information are never intended to the user profiling or identification, but exclusively for the website and its visitors protection, but will be treated in line with Data Controller’s interests.



7.1 – Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche collects users’ information from the website or from third sources, these data are required for the website navigation.
7.2 – The information collected by Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche are:

  • Users number;
  • Session statistics;
  • Approximate geographical location.



8.1 – In case the website would allow comments, or in case of specific services user requested, as well as the possibility to send a resume for a job application, the system will automatically collect some user’s identification data including e-mail address. These data are recorded as voluntarily supplied by the user at the moment of the service supply.
8.2 – By entering a comment or any other information, the user expressly agrees with the privacy policy. Data set will be solely used for the service supply and only for the time needed for said action.
8.3 – The information that users of the site will deem to make public through the services and tools made available to them, are provided by the user knowingly and voluntarily, by exempting this site from any liability for any violation of laws. Is up to the user to verify the possession of the relative authorization to input third parts’ information or any content eventually protected by National and/or International rules.
8.4 – Facultative and voluntary sent of e-mails to one of the addresses listed in the present website, involves automatic collection of the sender’s e-mail address which is needed to answer the same request, as well as the other information included in the message.
8.5 – Specific overview policies will be listed, or displayed, in pages intended for specific services supplied on demand.



9.1 – The information recorded by the website when in operation will be kept only for the time strictly necessary to provide the service and in any case no longer than 1 (one) year.



10.1 – In accordance with what has been stated in Regolamento art. 5.1(c), softwares and information technology systems used by Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche, are configured to reduce to minimum the use of personal data; such information will be only treated to achieve the purposes listed in hereby policy.
10.2 – The data will be kept for the period of time strictly necessary to achieve the intended purposes and, anyway, criteria applied to the data retention are based on the respect of applicable laws limits and by data retention minimization principles.
10.3 – The data used for security purposes are stored for the time strictly necessary to the achievement of above mentioned aim.



11.1 – It is guaranteed the respect of the User’s rights in the theme of personal Data Protection. As stated in GDPR, in relation to their data processing, the user has the guaranteed right of asking the Data Collector:

  • Access: can ask confirmation about existence of their personal data processing, in addition to further explanations about information as per the present policy;
  • Rectification: can ask the rectification or integration of the supplied information, in case of inaccuracy or incompletion;
  • Deletion: can ask for their personal data deletion in case said information are no longer needed to pursuit the purpose, in case of consent revoke or opposition to the data processing, in case of illegal process that is existence of a legal obligation of deletion, or referred to children under the age of 14 (fourteen);
  • Limitation: can ask their information may be only stored, excluding other processing, for the time needed to the data rectification, in case of illegal processing to which the user is opposing to deletion, in case user means to exercise their right in a Court and the stored data could be useful for the procedure and, in the end, in case of opposition to the data processing and an audit is running on the prevalence of legitimate reasons of the Controller over the user’s ones.
  • Opposition: can oppose the data processing unless the existence of Controller’s legitimate reasons prevailing on the User’s ones, i.e., the exercise or defense in a legal procedure.
  • Portability: can ask to receive their data or have them transmitted to another Controller in a structured format of common use and readable on an automatic device.
  • Revocation: can revoke their consent to the cookies use (Cookie Policy) being, in this case, the processing base. The revocation shall not affect the legitimacy of the data processing based on the before allowed consensus.

11.2 – In every time the User can exercise above mentioned rights appealing to the e-mail address:
11.3 – Moreover the User has the right to promote a claim to the Italian Control Authority (named “Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali”), in case it is deemed a violation or in case the answer proposed by Mazzoleni Trafilerie Bergamasche may be considered not satisfactory.



1. The present document, which is considered to be the Privacy Policy of this website, is published at:
2. This policy could be subject to updates and modifications, the User is invited to check regularly this page to determine legal and legislative news.
3. Previous versions of the document will be available on this page.
4. The document has been updated on March-7th, 2023 to be conform to the laws and regulations concerned and, specifically, to EU Regulation 2016/679.